Tyre Protector brings significant benefits for the following types of vehicles:-

  • Mining (Underground and Overground)
  • Construction
  • Earthmover
  • Agriculture tractors, harvesters and implements
  • Industrial
  • Cargo Trucks, Trailers and Buses
  • Passenger & 4 x 4
  • Ambulance, Fire and Police
  • Government & Military
  • Security and Armoured Vehicles
  • ATV and Quad Bikes

What is Tyre Protector?

Tyre Protector is widely acknowledged as the most advanced Puncture Protection system in the world and is engineered and produced in the UK in two formulas, Heavy Duty and High Speed. 

Once professionally installed,  Tyre Protector will provide permanent puncture protection for the entire life of the tire.    Classified as non-hazardous and eco-friendly, Tyre Protector has been safety approved.


Tyre_Protector_Instal_Colombia_optTyre Protector is a Mono Proylene Glycol gel that is applied via the tire valve without the need to remove the tire.

If a tire gets a puncture, Tyre Protector immediately seals the penetration and provides Permanent Puncture Protection.

Tyre Protector remains in its gel like state for the life of the tire, continually  protecting against punctures.

Unaffected by extreme weather conditions - Tyre Protector won't freeze, or conversely be affected by heat.

Tyre Protector is not:-

  • A Tire fill product
  • A rubber based "get you home" temporary sealant
  • A water based sealant that is squeezed into the tire after a puncture