Tyre Protector helps improve Tire Life and Decrease fuel consumption


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The Advantages of Tyre Protector

Tyre Protector Reduces Vehicle Downtime1.  Reduce Vehicle Downtime
Tyre Protector keeps the vehicle running even after a puncture, reducing the downtime of your vehicles.

2.  Reduce Fuel Costs

Tire under-inflation causes increased rolling resistance which significantly reduces fuel economy.  Tyre Protector helps maintain the correct air-pressure, thereby maximizing fuel economy and saving you money on every kilometer that you drive.

Tyre Protector Helps maintain Constant Air Pressure3. Help Maintain Constant Air Pressure
Tires can experience slow air loss via punctures, damage to the tire, wheel or rim or even "tire porosity".  Tyre Protector prevents airloss by immediately sealing punctures or damage in the tread area.

4. Extend the life of your tires
A 2009 study by the European Union concluded that the majority of cars and trucks operate with one or more tires under-inflated.  Under-inflated tires generate heat, wear more quickly and unevenly and eventually experience blow-outs.  Tyre Protector helps prevent heat build up and under-inflation and increases tire life significantly.

5. Improve Safety Conditions
Tyre Protector has been approved and accredited in Australia for use in Underground Mining where safety requirements are considered to be the highest in the world.