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Distributors Needed

We are currently seeking distributors in the following countries:
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Bolivia Brazil
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El Salvador
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Nicaragua Peru
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Coming soon! Tyre Protector is now finalizing distribution arrangements in these countries:

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A Business Opportunity

"Tyre Protector is a unique product with a lot of potential, especially where road and off-road conditions are very poor". "Its a great business opportunity"

Essau Cerrato, Tyre Protector Honduras

Become a Tyre Protector Distributor

Tyre Protector is now sold in more than 40 countries around the globe and growing.

Its an added value product that helps customers reduce vehicle downtime, reduce tire costs and overall business costs.

oivind-bakkeDekkmann Tires, owned by the German tire giant, Continental AG, are one of the leading tire suppliers in Norway.  All of the Dekkmann Tire outlets are Tyre Protector Distributors.

It is probably a world first that a business that sells tires promotes a product that actually makes tires last longer and so reduces tire sales, but Oivind Bakke, Dekkmann's  Managing Director explains:

"There is method in our apparent madness. Some of the employees here discovered Tyre Protector at a Trade fair in Sweden.

When I first saw Tyre Protector I thought that it was astonishing. It fitted right into our company's vision in that, if we are going to retain customers a good relationship needs to be established. The way to do this is to reduce the cost to our customers and that is why we believe in Tyre Protector. In any transport business the pressure of costs is high and I feel that customers will see the benefit of Tyre Protector in their business".

Why Become a Distributor of Tyre Protector?

  • Excellent profit potentialtyre_protector_and_pump
  • Simple inventory - only two formulas, heavy duty and high speed
  • Comes in 25 liter, plastic barrels - safe to stock and long shelf life
  • Easy to install
  • Product availabie from stock in the region for  fast delivery
  • Full training and technical support
  • Your own web page on this site, plus email marketing and promotional literature (free)

    Who are we looking for?

    1. Countduratread_tyre_protector_instal_optry/Regional Distributors with the ability to develop a distribution network within their territory.

    2. Local Distributors to control a region or area of their country.

    What Experience do you need?

    Ideally you need to know about Tires, OTR Tires or related industries and will most likely be working in one of the following areas:-

  • A Tire Distributor or supplier
  • OTR machine maintenance
  • Manufacturer or supplier of construction or OTR vehicles
  • Tire fitting or remolding

    How we help you succeed

    We have a dedicated, highly experienced team of Tire experts and long time tire professionals who can support you with:

    - Initial comprehensive product package
    - Training - including installation, quantity calculations,
    installation and guarantee forms
    - Your own dedicated web page on this website, email marketing program, promotional literature and promotional materials

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