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Tyre Protector Dramatically Reduces costs at PEMEX Oil Refinery in Mexico

Backhoe Loaders operating in difficult conditions at the PEMEX plant in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, were experiencing 15 to 20 punctures a week with the result that for up to 75% of time, the vehicles were standing idle.

After installing Tyre Protector Heavy Duty, the plant calculated that they saved $1200.00 every month on the costs of replacement tires and repairs and decreased downtime of the Excavator by over 85%.


No Downtime for Road Graders in Chihuahua, Mexico


The State of Chihuahua was experiencing punctures on its Road Graders due to the very abrasive, desert-like terrain. Often 30 or 40 kilometers from the nearest city, a puncture meant expensive “downtime” for the vehicle and severe delays in road repairs. After installing Tyre Protector, machine output was considerably increased and punctures eliminated. Tyre Protector has now been installed on Lawn Mowers and Pick up trucks and recommended to other State Departments in Mexico.