Tyre Protector brings significant benefits for the following types of vehicles:-
  • Mining (Underground and Overground)
  • Construction
  • Earthmover
  • Agriculture tractors, harvesters and implements
  • Industrial
  • Cargo Trucks, Trailers and Buses
  • Passenger & 4 x 4
  • Ambulance, Fire and Police
  • Government & Military
  • Security and Armoured Vehicles
  • ATV and Quad Bikes


How Tyre Protector Works

Tyre Protector seals tires from the inside and permanently protects against punctures, blow-outs and gradual air loss.

clear_image* Tyre Protector is applied via the tire valve stem or directly into the tire when mounted on the rim.

* As the tire rotates, the gel is evenly distributed forming a protective barrier inside the tire.

* When a puncture occurs, the gel instantly seals the hole and creates a permanent seal guanteed for the life of the tire.

Tyre Protector is guaranteed to seal penetrations:

  • Up to 12mm in diameter on OTR/Commercial Vehicle Tires  
  • Up to 6mm on vehicles on Passenger and 4 x 4 vehicles


The Benefits of using Tyre Protector:

  • Reduce Vehicle Downtime
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Help Maintain Constant Air Pressure
  • Extend the Life of your Tires
  • Improve Safety Conditions

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