Case Studies and Testimonials


Conconcreto - Colombia
"Since we installed Tyre Protector ... we have not had any punctures, which has meant greater availability of our equipment, increased productivity and minimal inconvenience to our customers of machine downtime".

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Cardoze & Lindo - CAT Rental Store - Panama

"I am pleased to tell you that Tyre Protector has brought excellent results reducing punctures by 100% .......  previously, punctures significantly increased our operating costs".

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Mexico_grader_installation_optLocal Government, Chihauhau - Mexico

"Tyre Protector really works.  The excellent performance of Tyre Protector on our Road Graders means that we only change the tires when they are worn, not as a result of punctures”.

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Backhoe_cropped_closer_optPemex Oil Refinery - Mexico

After installing Tyre Protector Heavy Duty, the plant calculated that they saved $1200.00 every month on the costs of replacement tires and repairs and decreased downtime by over 85%.
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Mini_CargagadoraBarloworld Equipment - CAT Rental Store - Durban, South Africa

"I will without hesitation endorse Tyre Protector as a money and time saving tools which also lengthens the life of our tyres as they no longer suffer run flat fatigue or punctures".

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Norway_TP_Installation_optStore Norke Coal Mine, Svaldbard - Norway

“Since the introduction of Tyre Protector we have seen an 80% reduction in punctures with our Toyota 4x4’s”......... "We are now seeing the benefits of all the vehicles that use Tyre Protector".

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