Tyre Protector brings significant benefits for the following types of vehicles:-

  • Mining (Underground and Overground)
  • Construction
  • Earthmover
  • Agriculture tractors, harvesters and implements
  • Industrial
  • Cargo Trucks, Trailers and Buses
  • Passenger & 4 x 4
  • Ambulance, Fire and Police
  • Government & Military
  • Security and Armoured Vehicles
  • ATV and Quad Bikes

Installation 4 x 4 Chile

Technical Info

Tyre Protector is odorless and  has been classified as non hazardous and eco- friendly.  It does not freeze and is non-combustible even in extreme heat as proven by independent tests.

tp_awaiting_shipment_optThixotropic Gel
Tyre Protector is a Thixotropic Gel meaning that it does not solidify but remains in a constant liquid state.   In heat tests, Tyre Protector proved to be non-combustible up to as high as 80 degrees centigrade/176 degrees fareinheit.

Safe - Non hazardous
The ingredients used in Tyre Protector have been classified by the EEC Directive 67/548 as non harmful and non hazardous.

Eco friendly
Tyre Protector is an eco-friendly, responsible product and will not bio-accumulate.  It dissolves rapidly in water and therefore poses no ecological or environmental threat.

Safety approved
In Australia, Tyre Protector has been safety approved for confined space use such as underground mining.

For more information:

Download a copy of the Safety Data Sheetpdficon_small