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Who are Carvi Tyre Protector?

My name is Jose Luis Cardenas and I am the managing director of Tyre Protector in Nuevo Laredo. If you haven't already heard about this amazing and revolutionary product - then I invite you to find out more and watch the demonstration video to see exactly how Tyre Protector works »

Testmonials from  Tyre Protector users in Nuevo Laredo and around the globe prove that Tyre Protector works.  Find out how Tyre Protector can benefit you and your business, saving you money and reducing downtime of your vehicles.

Tyre Protector Customers and Testimonials in Nuevo Laredo

Tortillas Santos installed Tyre Protector on their fleet of vans and told us "on the more problematic roads, our punctures have diminished and with that the downtime of our vehicles".

Cecamsa Transporte fitted Tyre Protector to their trucks almost one year ago and have "increased the life of our tires by 30% and drastically reduced punctures"

How can we help you reduce punctures and vehicle downtime and save you money?

Contact us now by phone or email and we'll arrange a live demonstration to show you exactly how Tyre Protector works.